The love of running hasn’t always been in our blood, in fact we only recently fell in love. and by love we mean its a love-hate relationship.

We started our racing relationship in 2013 when we signed up for a scavenger hunt in San Francisco, the Urban dare! Then we started the medal addiction with our first 5k and that only started the obsession from there.

Stephanie is a bay area native, mom of three gorgeous kids and wife to an amazing man, she actually loves to run up hill, yes you read that right, and does yoga when she isn’t running.

Ashley is also married, but no kids for her. she isn’t originally from the bay area, she made her way to the area by way of North Carolina. her love of running came after collage graduation and she was losing weight, and then it continued. after getting married she’s put on those happy pounds and is spending more time putting in miles to drop the weight again.

join these ladies as they explore and talk about the places in the bay to run and hike!!