Rock and Roll San Diego

life for me (Ashley) has been super crazy with work when I’m not flying away to run a race for the weekend.  so I finally have a moment to recap both the rock and roll races I did in June!

San Diego was SO much fun! this was the first weekend in June. I ended up going alone and made some friends along the way. I flew into San Diego on Friday morning.  This was my first time being so far south, so I was pumped to explore the city! after checking into the hotel I headed to the race expo where a few of my fellow Concrete Runners were.  San Diego was fully decked out in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Rock and Roll race series.  I walked up and saw Meb doing an interview, so I knew this weekend was going to be epic!!

Once I had picked up all my things from the expo and checked out all the local venders I headed out to walk some of the city and site see.

Saturday morning I decided to walk to the start of the 5k, it was only 1.2 miles from my hotel, and it gave me the chance to stretch my legs out.  I had been dealing with a deep chest cold for weeks, so I knew I would be walking the 5k.  the race was AMAZING! my favorite part was the puppy 1 miler.

walking back to the hotel after the 5k I met a mother daughter duo and we hit it off.  we happened to be staying at the same hotel so after our showers we decided to meet up and see some of San diego. I happened to see in the hotels book about a ship wreck off the coast nearby and while we were walking around we saw a ferry that would take us to the side of SD the wreck was.  so we decided “why not” and headed out….well we accidently walked 9 miles looking for the wreck and the tide was up so we couldn’t even see it!! so whoops we walked 16 miles the day before the half. I chalked it up to getting my legs ready for the full in late July. unconventional marathon training.

once we finally got back into the city area we had dinner and then went back to the hotel.  I stretched and laid my race kit out for the next morning, I told/gave myself permission to walk the half because my cough was getting worse and I couldn’t/didn’t want to risk making things worse for my full marathon training, but I’m bull headed and wanted the bling.

I opted out of walking to the start this time and once the shuttle dropped us off I met up with a few friends I follow on IG and a few inspiring women ive met along my running journey.  Katie and I have been friends for a year now, when we met in an online weight support group and she has helped me mentally train for some of my races.  meeting her that morning was the BeST!!

the race was awesome! same starting line as the 5k, but obviously headed away from the city and then looped through the hoods, and I will tell you that san diego you showed up! I loved that there were so many stops to have mimosas and beer or jello shots! never seen so many driveway bars set up! made my race that much more fun considering I was walking. not to mention it was SO nice to have the community support and cheer you on!

I kept pace with harriett Thompson (shes from charlotte!!) for about 6 miles (she caught up with me at mile 4) until I needed to make a pee break.  getting to talk with her family, as a Carolina girl myself, was awesome! such a sweet women!

crossing the finish line was a chore! my body was physically done.  but the finishline was all downhill so that helped.  you finish at the water, and then all finishers have to make their way all the way down to the harbor to the concert provillian set up.  this part was slightly annoying for me, I was tired and drained and didn’t want to walk away from the area the hotel was, but I also know I needed to get my extra remix medal, so I walked down and then back up.

the exciting part of sunday was joining all the other #werunsocial peeps for a get together, this year @procompression socks was one of the hosts along side @pavementrunner.  it was great to finally, and once again meet all my social media friends face to face.

around 2ish I headed to the airport and started my journey home.

this was the first race I traveled to that I didn’t have friends with me the whole weekend, and although at times I was lonely I also made the best of it and saw as much of Sn diego as I could.  the city was beautiful and the people were so kind and supportive! I cannot wait to make this race a yearly trip!

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